Gadgets for health: air pollution alert to the computer

The advent of smartphones has led to the development of the new field of computer technology – wearable computers. Soon the range of such devices that help to monitor the state of health, added a new gadget that can be worn… shoes. All kinds of smart watches that are already released by leading electronics manufacturers,… Read more »

A tiny sensor on the belly will remind you to visit the toilet

One us company will soon begin production of an unusual device. A sensor mounted on the skin of the abdomen, determines bowel movements a day when it should be released. The gadget is “paired” with any smartphone. People young and healthy, the idea of regular reminders to visit the toilet with the help of electronic… Read more »

Google Glass and Comedy treat anxiety

The wearable computer Google Glass has received high ratings from surgeons, used the “video glasses” for online broadcast operations. But this medical application gadget is not restricted to wear it during the surgery can and patients. In the past year, several surgeons demonstrated the enormous potential of Google Glass, the doctor during surgery fixed this… Read more »

Mobile screens – the real killers of the dream

Scientists warn that all sorts of electronic gadgets that make life easier day and entertain in the evenings, can cause serious sleep disorder up to sleeplessness. And the reason for this is not in their electromagnetic radiation. Despite the fact that smartphones, tablet computers and electronic “reading room” is designed in such a way that… Read more »

USB flash drive against drugs and violence

Canadian scientists have created a gadget that in a few seconds determines whether the beverage impurities in the form of narcotic, psychotropic and other drugs, paralyzing the will. The device is very useful for girls on the first date… Gullible girls can be victims of a special type of rapists, courteous men, achieves its goal… Read more »

Medical gadgets for the health invented by man

Medicine is now an industry in which it is difficult to do without high technology. Therefore, this article will talk about some of the best medical gadgets for people who help to maintain our health. 10. AV300 Vein Viewing System If you ever do a blood test, then you know that sometimes it is difficult… Read more »

Hot sex with the modern gadgets. TOP 9 gadgets for sex

To diversify sex life is very useful. Champagne, erotic lingerie, fragrant tub with soft foam… But I want something absolutely unusual. It turns out that modern technology can help to liven up a stagnant sex. For sexual pleasure you can use the new gadgets for sex. This will open for Valentine other horizons. Skype was… Read more »

10 gadgets for grownups which will make sex life brighter and more varied

The gadgets have penetrated all spheres of human life: in the offices, the kitchen and even in bed. In our review of the 10 gadgets for adults who, according to their developers are able to contribute in the intimate life with bright colors and definitely will not get bored. 1. SexFit:tracker. Given the growing popularity… Read more »