Custom design on the guard of health

The authors of the unusual design of the most ordinary objects that surround us in everyday life, argue that guided the work, primarily, by considerations of benefit to the health of consumers. Industrial designers give unusual shape of the most ordinary objects, as a rule, guided by marketing considerations – the potential buyer’s original form… Read more »

Workouts will be fun, thanks to the speaker sneakers

Google has acquainted the public with his new gadget, which, no doubt, will appeal to all who strengthen your health with regular Jogging Jogging. “Electronic” sneakers can chat with their owner on the go. Jogging is not only useful for the cardiovascular system, but also for the whole organism. However monotonous monotonous jog – employment… Read more »

Airbag helmet will protect cyclists from injury

The invention of airbags has made a real revolution: millions of lives saved by this device. And inventors from Sweden made the same “gadget” for cyclists – but because of the lack of “torpedoes” the pillow will have to be worn around the neck. Cycling is not just fun: scientists say that along with running… Read more »

How to use smartphone to determine the presence of skin cancer

Modern smartphones are equipped with cameras, allowing to obtain images with high resolution. This property can be used to “self-diagnosis”: it is enough to install gadget a special app and take pictures of me “in the Nude”. Another application is in the medical field is designed for smartphones iPhone and tablets iPad. The statement pointed… Read more »

Lose weight without dieting – with glasses

In the illusory hope of achieving weight loss without diet and visits the gym mankind inventing new and new tricks. The latest achievement in this field are different models of special glasses, invented by Japanese – this points blatantly deceiving the brain. In Japanese pharmacies may soon be new ways for getting rid of excess… Read more »

The most bizarre sex gadgets

In recent decades the sex industry has evolved at a rapid pace, it invented countless devices and accessories designed to diversify the sexual life. But in spite of that, the flow of ideas and does not think to dry out, and to market all new developments – this one’s crazier. Music has connected us One… Read more »

New smartphone can measure radiation levels

In the past decade mobile phones have evolved from communication to powerful computers with ample capacity. New Japanese smartphones can measure the radiation level and even inform about the bad breath. Lovers of various modern gadgets from the land of the rising sun look forward to the largest annual exhibition of achievements of modern technologies… Read more »

Gadgets for health: air pollution alert to the computer

The advent of smartphones has led to the development of the new field of computer technology – wearable computers. Soon the range of such devices that help to monitor the state of health, added a new gadget that can be worn… shoes. All kinds of smart watches that are already released by leading electronics manufacturers,… Read more »

A tiny sensor on the belly will remind you to visit the toilet

One us company will soon begin production of an unusual device. A sensor mounted on the skin of the abdomen, determines bowel movements a day when it should be released. The gadget is “paired” with any smartphone. People young and healthy, the idea of regular reminders to visit the toilet with the help of electronic… Read more »