If you are faced with such male problem as reduced potency, you should try to get rid of it as soon as possible, the better. We will help you to cope with the problem, without resorting to using pharmaceutical drugs. If that doesn’t help use the cialis generico. The question of potency is essential for any man; therefore to delay the issues of how to treat and what to do, no one will. In order to achieve success in this business, you will need the most common products, such as garlic, onions, walnut, color chamomile, and others. Generally very severe costs both physical and monetary, you do not need, unless you rush to the pharmacy for the magic bullet and instant tool, which will hope will immediately help to raise the potency.

1. One crushed nutmeg and chew small bites all day.

2. Ground black pepper mixed with sugar in equal proportions. Half a teaspoon of the mixture dissolves in a glass of milk and drink. A week of taking this solution to increase potency will significantly stimulate the body.

3. Traditional healers were established recipes use garlic. Here is one of them. Pounds of peeled garlic, pour cold boiled water in a glass container, closed cover, insist dark place for one month, shaking occasionally. Consume a teaspoon. It is necessary to drink milk.

4. Lemongrass, occupies an honorable place among the plants. As folk remedies, increase the potency, it is used very often. There are many ways of its application. The simplest way to make tea. Toning and stimulating effect all parts of the plant. But don’t overdo it in use, since it may occur the opposite effect – the excitement of the body.

5. In the spring collect the pollen of flowering plants. You too can participate in this process and prepare a folk remedy that is used to increase potency. Use pollen 2 times a day for half a teaspoon. The course of treatment is 2 weeks.

6. Shown small doses of Royal jelly, 1 gram 2-3 times a day.

7. Often at home men who are treated with the use of tincture of ginseng and Eleutherococcus. Herbs need to be taken according to the following scheme: 1 drop the first day and then every day add 1 drop. The course of treatment is 28 days. Drops diluted in ½ Cup water. Recommended treatment every 3 months.

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