10 gadgets for grownups which will make sex life brighter and more varied

The gadgets have penetrated all spheres of human life: in the offices, the kitchen and even in bed. In our review of the 10 gadgets for adults who, according to their developers are able to contribute in the intimate life with bright colors and definitely will not get bored.

1. SexFit:tracker.

Given the growing popularity of fitness trekerov, it is not surprising that they appeared in the sphere of intimacy. British retailer of adult products Bondara presented a prototype tracker-intimate toys. SexFit is a ring that is worn on the base of the penis. Device has accelerometer and Bluetooth module. Thus, while the act is going useful statistic that can be displayed on the screen of the smartphone. The gadget can measure the number and frequency of strokes per minute, time, intercourse, and calories burned.

2. Pillowcases Sign In:celebrate all who have been in your bed

For those who like to frequently change partners, suitable fancy pillow case on the pillow that looks like a Notepad or notebook. After the next conquest, you just need to enter a new partner in the next line.

3. Wankband:produce energy when the gratification

The energy crisis can be solved very unusual way. One of the “strawberry” sites urged users to wear a thing called “Wankband”. The gadget looks like a bracelet worn on the wrist, and has a built-in kinetic charger. With the active hand movements of the energy produced.

4. Lick: an app for practicing oral joy

This app is designed for anyone who wants to learn to speak the language, however, is not for fiery speeches. On the smartphone need to install a special application. Then choose one of three exercises: off and on light language, turning the pencil at the edge or “fatten” the ball on the tongue.

5. Little Black Book: keep track of your wins, just like old times

“Little black book” designed for storage in her contacts for the night. The notebook is unique in that it has a ranking system of people who is written in it.

6. Set for fun on the canvas

The kit, which was called “Love to art”, includes canvas and the paint. Both partner you just need to smear themselves with paint and arranged for love on the canvas. At the end get an unusual avant-garde painting.

7. Sexcereal: muesli that improve sex life

Sexcereal — gender-based Breakfast cereals which are intended to improve intimate health. The Breakfast “for him” contains pollen, black sesame, wheat germ, and pumpkin seeds. Breakfast “for her” includes ginger, sunflower seeds and almonds.

8. S. T. EYE :colored condoms that detect STDs

S. T. EYE – a conceptual condom-chameleon created by students of the London Academy Isaac Newton. The latex contains molecules that react to viruses genital infections. After the discovery of any of them, the condom changes color, using the “built-in indicator”. For example, in the presence of human papillomavirus, S. T. EYE will turn red if it detects the herpes, a condom will turn yellow, if you have syphilis it will turn blue, and in the presence of chlamydia in green.

9. Happy Ride:vibracija seat bike

Cycling is not only a great way to improve your health, but ideal for fans of environmental protection. For those who are lazy to pedal, came up with an unusual incentive — a case that is worn on the seat with a “vibrostimulation” while driving. The vibration at any point, you can turn on using the remote control.

10. Coloring book of postures for making love

Coloring book “games for couples” is the world’s first interactive guide that partners can color together. In the book there are drawings of 101 positions.

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