Hot sex with the modern gadgets. TOP 9 gadgets for sex

To diversify sex life is very useful. Champagne, erotic lingerie, fragrant tub with soft foam… But I want something absolutely unusual. It turns out that modern technology can help to liven up a stagnant sex. For sexual pleasure you can use the new gadgets for sex. This will open for Valentine other horizons.

Skype was invented for sex

The developers invented a new sex toy for lovers. Comfort you need special tools. For women, this is the vibrator for men ring for the penis. Connect these things to their computers using special hardware. Then connect Skype, download driver and joystick to help you! The fact that at this time have partners, defies description.

Sex with a phone

If on the smartphone to install the app LovePalz, then you will get the opportunity to make love at a distance. This is very similar to Skype sex. This will also require special toys-stimulants, which replace the genitals of the partner. One phone call activates the program and movement partners will be transmitted from one to another.

Music vibration

Special vibrator will be able to move with the rhythm of the selected tunes is not only pleasant but also fun. First, it needs to connect to an iPhone or iPode, and then to have fun.

Vibrator for a sweet morning

Gallus et Mulier Limited is a vibrator that was developed for the mild and unusual awakening. Invented by an English craftsmen. It has a timer, setting a favorite tunes, and a selection intensity and speed of vibration. If you are forced to go on a business trip away from your love is what you need. If he is near you, that revival will not be everyday and will give you energy for the whole day.

Sex without rhythm not sex

The Japanese have tried using the gadget LoveTrainer to diversify sex. The playlist in the mp3 player is matched very clever. Ringtones will give the mood and rhythm of every age will love. For the prelude – with one melody. For intermediate act, when the wave is about to break out, another, etc. But in addition to the music tracks the developers have equipped the player controller for a pulse. So interesting and to follow the health allows.

Touch vibration sensors in underwear

When it comes to sex, fantasy has no limit. Designers from the company Durex has invented underwear with a special vibration sensor. They have built in those areas of tissue that cover the erogenous zones. Manages special mobile app. Tapping on the phone screen, people like the touches to his sensitive organs.

Sex robot

Currently, there are developing innovative robot-Android that could replace a real man. This toy producers create for single women. Joint development of the American company’s Robotics and Human Engineering Laboratory and the University of Tokyo promises to be “hot”. The Americans made the skeleton, and Japanese synthetic leather. They will teach her to feel touch and pressure, react to the humidity and temperature.

Virtual sex computer game

Computer games, which are built on intimacy, to invent programmers from the company XStream3D Multimedia. In these games used the images of famous porn stars. The player, playing the role of one of the characters will be able to make love with a virtual star.

A wave of his hand the way to orgasm

To achieve orgasm with the help of new technology, thanks to which the management of the Lelo vibrator is only a flick of the wrist. You can imagine yourself as the conductor and… to plunge into the world of erotic fantasies.

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