The most bizarre sex gadgets

In recent decades the sex industry has evolved at a rapid pace, it invented countless devices and accessories designed to diversify the sexual life. But in spite of that, the flow of ideas and does not think to dry out, and to market all new developments – this one’s crazier.
Music has connected us

One of the most recent releases on the market of Hi-Tech. If you want to have a true music fan, the fixture Babypod is what you need. A special “player” is inserted into the vagina, and the baby in the womb can listen to “Lullaby” by Johannes Brahms or the song Mutter from Rammstein, as much as decide. To mother, too, could join the high, for it includes headphones.

Funny pictures

Love is Art Kit is a collection for lovers artists. The set includes a specially treated cotton canvas, a water-soluble hypoallergenic paint, disposable socks and a washcloth. Pouring on the canvas, the paint, the lovers must use their own body to create a bright and unique abstraction. The main thing – to invest in this business heart and soul. After the “art session” the resulting picture can be hung in the bedroom.

In France invented the vibrator Little Bird that gives pleasure in the process of reading erotic e-books. Via Bluetooth using a special application of the toy is synchronized with the gadget running on iOS or Android. Lustful bibliophile enough to download over the Internet one of affordable pieces – and the fun begins. The vibrator can be adjusted via the device from which reads: to Pat him, shake or gently breathe. Interestingly, invent a similar thing for 3D theaters? There’s the effect of maximum immersion…

Oh, Apple, where you’re headed…

Gadget for those who have an IPhone. Specially for “Apple” smartphone released vibration device with a particular app OhMiBod blueMotion. The toy has not only preset rhythmic patterns, but also can respond to voice messages sent to you loved one, and to generate the regimes on the basis of interaction with the touch screen (taps, strokes on the display).

Two-wheeled “more than a friend”

Device Happy Ride, the invention of a British firm, will help lovely ladies addicted to Cycling. But now it is not only sporty, eco-friendly, but nice. The product is a special case-the lining on seat, equipped with a powerful vibrator and a remote control.

Child of sunset

Cute pink Flamingo vibrator with an authentic name form suitable for concealed carry in any public places, and comes with a special program that allows the man to control the toy remotely, even from a different part of the planet. You can, for example, a little bit naughty at the cinema, sitting in the chair next to him, or cheer her on important business negotiations. Also, the gadget is able to vibrate to the beat of music, to respond to the voice of the partner and even helps to train the intimate muscles using Kegel.

I was lying in the sun

The dream of timid hipsters, flaming activists of Greenpeace, well, or heavy Russian summer resident, which bored to dig potatoes – vibrator solar powered Solar Sensations, made entirely from environmentally friendly materials.

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