New gadget for diabetics – the “air” meter

A device that determines the level of glucose in the blood by analyzing exhaled air, is very useful for patients with diabetes of the 1st type. Now, in order to obtain such information, they have several times a day to pierce the finger and examine the blood.

Modern drugs allow insulin, a person suffering from diabetes of the 1st type, lead almost a normal life. However, such patients must regularly throughout each day to check glucose levels with glucose meters, portable instruments, which for analysis we need a sample of blood.

But scientists from the United States invented the instrument with high accuracy to determine the level of sugar in the blood by a breath, – in appearance a device very similar to a breathalyzer that uses traffic police all over the world.

The staff of the University of Western New England in Springfield, Massachusetts (Western New England University in Springfield) used in the device of the electronic analyzer that allows to detect the presence of acetone in the air and measure its quantity.

It is known that patients with diabetes of the 1st type, the increase in the level of glucose in the blood by increasing the concentration of acetone in exhaled air.

Software new analyzer calculates the level of glucose in the blood depending on its concentration in the air from the lungs of the patient.

In the coming months, the creators of the device have to solve 2 main objectives: first, to successfully conduct clinical trials of the device to obtain its registration.

Second, the inventors are currently working hard on his miniaturization: currently, the meter is like a book of medium format.

Home to use it quite comfortably, but wearing a device of this size to work or for a walk is not quite comfortable.

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