USA: the death of children from the “hands” baby monitors

Electronics is firmly entrenched in our everyday life: now electronic devices can often detect and in the nursery, where a newborn is asleep. Various radio and baby monitors have become helpers of the parents, but sometimes they become dangerous.

The electronic device notifies the parent of a young child, in another room about what is happening in a child’s bedroom, which is especially important if something is not right.

They also reported the change in air temperature in the nursery, relay the sounds that produces a child, and provide parents a great deal of other useful information.

Usually gadgets that transmit the video signal wirelessly – this is their convenience, but the motion sensor of the child, hidden in a small pad in the crib of the baby, associated with the “base” of a conventional cable in a soft braid – it was recently the cause of death of two kids in different cities of the United States.

The maker of the popular “baby Cams” canadian company Angelcare Monitors Inc. after these tragedies decided to withdraw 600,000 products in order to supply them with cables in a tight braid.

Two children were killed due to the fact that during sleep accidentally wound on the neck is too soft the cable from the motion sensor that was the cause of their death from suffocation.

Injured and two other children, but their parents saw the danger in time, and the kids survived.

“Baby monitors” of several models, with flexible cable, will be withdrawn from stores and refurbished and for those “nannies” that are already in use in the family, their owners will be able to get special kits, which includes a hard sheath, and within a few minutes to make the device absolutely safe.

The safety Commission consumer products USA (U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission) reports that in 2002 because of similar accidents, the perpetrators of which were “baby monitors” from different manufacturers in the country killed 8 babies.

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