Gadgets for gluttons: her bra, he bracelet

Women, especially those who are worried about their weight and limiting yourself in food, irresistible bouts of gluttony. Now about the approaching “food binge” will prevent the bra, equipped with a miniature sensors.

The habit of “seizing” any, even minor stress with tasty, and therefore, high-calorie fast foods leads to obesity.

Trying to lose weight through diet by itself is a strong stress for the body, and losing weight many women are often unable to resist the temptation at home after work rush to the refrigerator and my diet.

Employees of the famous company Microsoft has decided to help those unhappy with an essential part of women’s wardrobe, equipped with electronics.

Bra in the style of hi-tech are equipped with sensitive sensors embedded in the cups and on the side. Sensors capable of detecting heart rate, body temperature, rate and depth of breathing and other parameters that are usually associated with stress.

Information using the Bluetooth Protocol is continuously transmitted to a smartphone, where a special application.
The application, finding alarming changes that may indicate a woman is experiencing the stress of a possible attack “wolf’s appetite” warn her of her danger sound signal and the display.

The creators of the unusual bra say that during testing, “electronic watchman” he correctly identified a looming disaster in the form of an irresistible desire to eat to relieve stress in 75% of cases.

But it would be wrong and unfair to care only about women’s overeating, and currently in the labs of Microsoft finalize “male” counterpart – the bracelet.
All attempts to create men’s underwear with sensors of stress, ended in failure, as unlike the female bra underwear loosely made to a body of men, and the sensors could not get accurate data.

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