Google Glass for surgeons is not a toy but a helpful assistant

The microcomputer of Google Glass – a novelty of last year, has not yet gone on sale, and also lovers of such high-tech stuff, the gadget has already caused great interest among physicians – primarily surgeons.

During the first 2 weeks of the new year, surgeons the United States and India conducted two successful operations with the use of computer devices, serial production of which has not yet started.

Wearable computers Google Glass is currently undergoing final testing – the manufacturer has sent 8 000 such products in different countries of the world where selected people will examine their strengths and weaknesses, which will be taken into account when finalizing the model.

Apparently, manufacturers now take into account the wishes of specific groups of potential customers – surgeons believe that the use of Google Glass in medicine increases the chances of success of the operations.

Recently participants in the medical conference, which was held in the Indian city of Jaipur (Jaipur, India), could in real time in high definition to watch on a huge screen projection TV operation on his ankle joint, which was performed by the doctor Parekh Selenium (Selene Parekh), who was at the American clinic.

The doctor’s head was fixed headset Google Glass, which provides wireless transmission of high quality video and audio from the USA.

A few days earlier the live broadcast on the Internet speed for rhinoplasty and also using Google Glass organized another surgeon Anil Shah (Anil Shah).

The use of Google Glass greatly facilitates not only communication with colleagues or students directly in the course of the intervention, but by the surgeon using voice commands, they can take pictures and record video, or to x-ray image or tomogram on a miniature display of the wearable computer.

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