Google Glass: a look at sex through the eyes of a partner – easy!

No one in the world has acquired a wearable computer Google Glass, but developers are already creating apps for such devices. For obvious reasons the program allows you to improve and diversify the sexual life, is of particular interest.

The long-awaited gadgets Google Glass will go on sale only this year, but talk about the novelty of being almost 2 years since, when the manufacturer announced the completion of works on creation of a fundamentally new device.

Now, an analysis of the results of the testing computer, which for nearly a year worked for 8 000 specially selected people from different countries.

A student from Lebanon, the future industrial designer Maktabi Sherif (Sherif Maktabi) presented in London at the exhibition of computer innovations and software Hardware & Wearables Hackathon, the first of created potential users of Google Glass app for this computer.

If you install the program “Sex with Glass” Google Glass, your and a loved one, it is possible to significantly diversify sex.

The video cameras installed on both devices will be synchronous to fix what he sees each of the partners, but, more importantly, using the voice command on the display points you can display the picture, which sees a partner and look at the proximity of the eyes of a loved one.

Both of the video signal are recorded in parallel on both computer and then connect Google Glass to your smartphone, you can relive the excitement by watching the”image” of a partner’s computer, then from your own.

Enjoy this “home video” will not last long – 5 hours later all videos will be automatically destroyed in order to avoid “misunderstandings” in the future, because from the point of view of the law, they are pornography.

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