“Sportivny ironer” will determine the ratio of fat to muscle in the body

Now at the disposal of sportsmen and athletes there are many devices that allow you to objectively assess the effectiveness of the training process. Skulpt Aim – measuring the volume of muscle and fat will take a worthy place in this series.

The invention of all kinds of pedometers, calorie counters and other means of objective control have significantly increased the efficiency of sports training.

Now, thanks to the proliferation of smartphones capable of performing computer functions, of the possibility of such control has increased considerably.

In the US, one company plans to start this year production of special “gadgets” that allow for a few seconds to determine the quantity of fatty tissue that covers a single muscle (e.g., biceps or triceps), or a group of muscles (direct abdominal muscles – the so-called “press”).

This will allow bodybuilders and people who choose to get rid of the “savings” of fat on the body, define those muscles that need extra attention, guided not only in appearance of muscle relief.

It is sufficient to attach the sensor device, like a smartphone, to a corresponding area of the body so a few seconds later to see the result on the display.

The operation principle is based on the different resistance of muscle tissue and fat at passage through them electric current. The unit using mild electrical impulses examines the tissue under the skin, and, after receiving the data, processes them and outputs the result in percent.

The Skulpt Aim device can also using the wireless communication Protocol Bluetooth to transfer all information to the smartphone owner to maintain and monitor the impact of training.

It is assumed that the price useful “jiromaru” will be about $ 150.

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