Stimulation erection using ultrasound – replacement viagra?

The creation of drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, such ka was in its time a real breakthrough in the sexologist, but these drugs have side effects. A method for the recovery of potency with the help of ultrasonic waves are practically harmless.

Legendary viagra and its analogues (first of all cialis and levitra) back the joy of sex to millions of men however, these drugs not only can cause various side effects, but also provide the result in all patients.

And an international group of scientists from Denmark and the UK reported about the successful testing of a new method of recovery of potency.

The method was developed by specialists, urologists from the University in the Danish town of Odense (Odense University), southern University of Denmark (University of Southern Denmark) and the London clinic, Charing Cross (Charing Cross Hospital).

The method consists in the effect on blood vessels and tissues of the male penis by using ultrasonic waves to the surface of the “male pride” must be applied for a few minutes two electrodes are providing stimulation.

In the first test of the new method involved 112 men suffering from severe impotence, which were forced to resort to viagra and other drugs before every sexual act.
Half of patients carried the real impact of ultrasound, and the other half (the control group) this effect was simulated.

After completion of the course of ultrasound treatment, the ability to have sexual intercourse without prior administration of drugs recovered in 57% of men from the experimental group.

In the control group after treatment could dispense tablets only 9% of participants.

The authors of the method emphasize that to get a result rather than 1 session of treatment with ultrasound in a week for 5 weeks.

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