Treatment potency folk remedies

High efficiency use traditional methods of treatment potency. Have long used various herbs for erection or paroxetina. Folk remedies can be tinctures, decoctions, herbal drinks. This therapy is very well tolerated by the body. So side effective are extremely rare. Besides, this option of treatment is not costly. Only it is important to adhere strictly to the recipe. Otherwise, the positive effect will be.

Carrots and honey

Very tasty and an effective folk remedy is a combination of carrot juice with honey. You want to press one glass of carrot juice and add a teaspoon of honey, a drop of olive oil. Oil is required for the assimilation of juice. Because vitamin a is considered fat-soluble. Without adding vegetable oil vitamin just is not it. Honey has long been known for its multiple positive properties. Among them can be attributed to a positive effect on male potency. This folk remedy is not just enhance the potency, but also improves the condition of skin, give strength to the body.

Honey and aloe

This tool is considered to be a tincture. Part of the drug included alcohol. In this regard, men control the car needs to be extremely careful with the use of folk remedies. Its composition is the following:

  • 50 g of aloe leaves;
  • 100 g of honey;
  • A glass of Cahors.

The leaves are crushed and mixed with honey. After thorough mixing, is added to Cahors. Folk remedy is put in the refrigerator, and allowed to stand for 1 week. After this time the drug is filtered. Medication to use need one teaspoon before meals three times a day. The treatment course potency is 1 month.

Herb to increase potency

On the basis of medicinal herbs prepare herbal teas. High efficiency for potency refers to such plants:

  • Thyme;
  • Nettle;
  • Schisandra;
  • Hawthorn;
  • St. John’s wort;
  • Lovage.

This masculine herb is thyme. The fact that the thyme is a great amount of zinc. Zinc plays a major role in male potency. Member takes an active part in the production of testosterone. Eating regularly drink from thyme can greatly enhance the virility. Enough just daily use of tea made from this herb. The course of treatment for each individual. It can be both one and six months. But, the positive result is guaranteed. Popular and nettle. The plant gives tone to the entire body, restores strength, renews the functioning of the Central nervous system. In the background of this happening and increase in libido, increased potency. All the herbs for potency can be taken separately or in combination with each other. Speaking about the mix, there are good folk recipe. You have to mix 3 tablespoons of fresh or dry plants, pour three cups purified cold water and leave for 10 hours. After this folk remedy brought to the boil and to boil on slow fire for 5 minutes. Boiling, the drug is tightly covered with a lid for steeping. Strain the broth, take it one glass a day in the morning before Breakfast. To impart pleasant taste allowed to add one tablespoon of honey. The treatment course potency is 14 days. Use St. John’s wort can be traced in the fact that the grass in its composition has male hormones.

Decoctions of this plant are used not only to increase potency, but also for treatment of other male problems. For example, for combating baldness. For potency it is enough to pour 1 teaspoon of a dry grass Cup of boiling water. Means necessary to insist in a thermos for one hour. To use a folk remedy need half an hour before meals three times a day 1 tablespoon.

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