If you are faced with such male problem as reduced potency, you should try to get rid of it as soon as possible, the better. We will help you to cope with the problem, without resorting to using pharmaceutical drugs. If that doesn’t help use the cialis generico. The question of potency is essential for… Read more »

A healthy lifestyle

At the initial stage of treatment, the potency experts recommend lifestyle changes, or taking viagra. The normal functioning the male body depends on the food quality. For good potency need to receive daily the following elements: b vitamins, E, magnesium, potassium, zinc, calcium and selenium. All of these substances can be found in large amounts… Read more »

Google Glass for surgeons is not a toy but a helpful assistant

The microcomputer of Google Glass – a novelty of last year, has not yet gone on sale, and also lovers of such high-tech stuff, the gadget has already caused great interest among physicians – primarily surgeons. During the first 2 weeks of the new year, surgeons the United States and India conducted two successful operations… Read more »

Gadgets for gluttons: her bra, he bracelet

Women, especially those who are worried about their weight and limiting yourself in food, irresistible bouts of gluttony. Now about the approaching “food binge” will prevent the bra, equipped with a miniature sensors. The habit of “seizing” any, even minor stress with tasty, and therefore, high-calorie fast foods leads to obesity. Trying to lose weight… Read more »

USA: the death of children from the “hands” baby monitors

Electronics is firmly entrenched in our everyday life: now electronic devices can often detect and in the nursery, where a newborn is asleep. Various radio and baby monitors have become helpers of the parents, but sometimes they become dangerous. The electronic device notifies the parent of a young child, in another room about what is… Read more »

New gadget for diabetics – the “air” meter

A device that determines the level of glucose in the blood by analyzing exhaled air, is very useful for patients with diabetes of the 1st type. Now, in order to obtain such information, they have several times a day to pierce the finger and examine the blood. Modern drugs allow insulin, a person suffering from… Read more »

Custom design on the guard of health

The authors of the unusual design of the most ordinary objects that surround us in everyday life, argue that guided the work, primarily, by considerations of benefit to the health of consumers. Industrial designers give unusual shape of the most ordinary objects, as a rule, guided by marketing considerations – the potential buyer’s original form… Read more »

Workouts will be fun, thanks to the speaker sneakers

Google has acquainted the public with his new gadget, which, no doubt, will appeal to all who strengthen your health with regular Jogging Jogging. “Electronic” sneakers can chat with their owner on the go. Jogging is not only useful for the cardiovascular system, but also for the whole organism. However monotonous monotonous jog – employment… Read more »

Airbag helmet will protect cyclists from injury

The invention of airbags has made a real revolution: millions of lives saved by this device. And inventors from Sweden made the same “gadget” for cyclists – but because of the lack of “torpedoes” the pillow will have to be worn around the neck. Cycling is not just fun: scientists say that along with running… Read more »