Treatment potency folk remedies

High efficiency use traditional methods of treatment potency. Have long used various herbs for erection or paroxetina. Folk remedies can be tinctures, decoctions, herbal drinks. This therapy is very well tolerated by the body. So side effective are extremely rare. Besides, this option of treatment is not costly. Only it is important to adhere strictly… Read more »

Google Glass: a look at sex through the eyes of a partner – easy!

No one in the world has acquired a wearable computer Google Glass, but developers are already creating apps for such devices. For obvious reasons the program allows you to improve and diversify the sexual life, is of particular interest. The long-awaited gadgets Google Glass will go on sale only this year, but talk about the… Read more »

Stimulation erection using ultrasound – replacement viagra?

The creation of drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, such ka was in its time a real breakthrough in the sexologist, but these drugs have side effects. A method for the recovery of potency with the help of ultrasonic waves are practically harmless. Legendary viagra and its analogues (first of all cialis and levitra)… Read more »

The most bizarre sex gadgets

In recent decades the sex industry has evolved at a rapid pace, it invented countless devices and accessories designed to diversify the sexual life. But in spite of that, the flow of ideas and does not think to dry out, and to market all new developments – this one’s crazier. Music has connected us One… Read more »

Hot sex with the modern gadgets. TOP 9 gadgets for sex

To diversify sex life is very useful. Champagne, erotic lingerie, fragrant tub with soft foam… But I want something absolutely unusual. It turns out that modern technology can help to liven up a stagnant sex. For sexual pleasure you can use the new gadgets for sex. This will open for Valentine other horizons. Skype was… Read more »

10 gadgets for grownups which will make sex life brighter and more varied

The gadgets have penetrated all spheres of human life: in the offices, the kitchen and even in bed. In our review of the 10 gadgets for adults who, according to their developers are able to contribute in the intimate life with bright colors and definitely will not get bored. 1. SexFit:tracker. Given the growing popularity… Read more »

Top 6 new sex gadgets for him and her

Modern electronic devices are not only tablets, smartphones and laptops. Electronics manufacturers are trying to get not only in our wallet with their prices and variety of new products, but also in our bed. A number of sex toys manufactured by the manufacturers of gadgets, probably as great as the number of new smartphone models…. Read more »